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I'm really satisfied and happy with the service that Eric from Guardian Auto Transport provided me with. I looked up a lot of companies to move my BMW and after a lot of searching I found that this was the most reliable. Eric was very nice and very knowledgeable and guide all the way, GREAT service. Will use him in the future.

I'm really satisfied and happy with the service that Eric from Guardian Auto Transport provided me with. I looked up a lot of companies to move

Hanan P

I booked with another company 2 months prior to my desire date. One week before my desired pick up I did not hear anything from this company. I ended up having to call and send emails in order to hear back from somebody, so I ended up canceling my order with them.

I booked with another company 2 months prior to my desire date. One week before my desired pick up I did not hear anything from this company. I

Tanya A

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This was my first time shipping a car, I did not know where to look for it or who to trust with my vehicle. I reached out to the dealer from which I originally bought the vehicle two years ago and he recommended Guardian Auto Transport. I sent Mike an email requesting some information and heard back from him within 15 minutes. he explain to me how the process works and went through the details of getting my vehicle picked up and getting my vehicle delivered to my vacation home. everything went as planned there were no additional fees that I acquired that I thought that would be added on top and my car was very safe. I will be using them again when my parents come down to Florida.

This was my first time shipping a car, I did not know where to look for it or who to trust with my vehicle. I reached out to the dealer from whi

Melissa R.

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The Guardian Auto
Transport Advantage

Car transportation services are not a one-size-fits-all solution. While many car transport companies promise the world, they’re rarely able to handle the details. At Guardian Auto Transport, the big picture  -the safe arrival of your vehicle in top condition- matters as much as the details of how we get you where you’re going. We want to make sure your experience booking and waiting for your car is as stress-free as possible.

Our goal is to give you the kind of service you would receive if a reliable family member personally drove your car transport. This is the close, personal trust we work to build and maintain with every single one of our customers

Vehicle transportation doesn’t need to be complicated, and it doesn’t need to include “all the extras.” The simpler, the better. So when you’re looking around for reliable and high-quality auto shipping providers, don’t look for a breadth of transportation services you don’t need. Instead, choose a provider that wants to build a deep relationship with you.

Who We Help

Relocating People

Relocating People

Moving you and your family is stressful enough! Our agents are here to make your relocation easier with a seamless auto transport experience.

Auto Dealers

Auto Dealers

We understand time is of the essence for your business. Our platform makes it easy to get an instant car shipping quote, place orders, and track existing orders all in one place! Our process puts you in the driver’s seat for your high-volume auto transport needs.

Classic Car Enthusiasts

Classic Car Enthusiasts

Protect and extend the life of your classic car by avoiding highway travel. We provide safe and quality service during the auto shipping process. Our passion for cars extends to the care we give yours!

Relocation Companies

Relocation Companies

We make the quoting, booking, and tracking process easy with an online car shipping platform for your agents. In case customers need more info or need to speak with an auto shipping expert, we are always a phone call or chat away.

Get a Car Transport Quote
from Guardian Auto Transport

By Type of Transport

Open Auto Transport

Our most efficient and affordable option. Being the most common type of transportation, open auto transport is advantageous for those looking for flexibility and availability. Guardian only uses the highest-rated carriers in the auto shipping industry.

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single image

Enclosed Auto Transport

For those requiring the best protection for their prized possessions. With full coverage from the elements and fewer shared spaces, enclosed auto transport is the ideal transportation method for high-end, luxury, and classic cars. These carriers better guarantee the safety and condition of any vehicle.

Expedited Auto Transport

Our quickest transportation method to get your vehicle swiftly from Point A to Point B. Expedited auto transport ensures your vehicle is a priority, and is picked up and dropped off within days. Choose expedited auto shipping with Guardian Auto Transport and ensure your car is in the best hands.

single image

State-to-State Car Transport Services

We transport vehicles across the Continental United States. See how quickly we can get you your car from
state-to-state with our world-class auto shipping.

Car Shipping Coverage Map


Ready to ship your car with
Guardian Auto Transport?

All you need for a successful car shipping service
are these five staples of service

$100,000Full Vehicle Protection

Complete Insurance Coverage
Some companies try to keep their shipping costs low while cutting on incredibly essential features of service like insurance. At Guardian Auto Transport, our car shipping process includes full coverage for your car transport.

From the time your car steps onto the transport trailer to the time it unloads at your travel destination, its exteriors are insured under an insurance policy that covers a minimum of $100,000.

QualityCustomer Service
Comes First

Prompt and Friendly Communication
Our 10 plus years of combined experience in the car shipping industry proves one thing over and over again: every customer's shipping needs are unique. That's why booking with Guardian is as easy as a few clicks, and our shipping agents will constantly stay in contact to ensure the smoothest service in the car shipping industry.

To us, communication is an active part of who we are. We communicate at the start of the process, and we encourage you to ask questions and communicate your needs and requests to us. We book using streamlined and user-friendly technology, but then our personal shipping agents will reach out to complete your scheduling.

We also communicate through calls and texts with updates on the delivery’s progress. You can also personally communicate with your driver as they are an integral part of our 27,000-strong, dedicated carrier network.

Satisfaction Rate

Rave Reviews
Fortunately, car shipping is a fantastic candidate for word-of-mouth referrals and experience. Some experiences, like restaurants and movies, are subjective. There may be a million reasons why one customer didn’t receive what they felt they were due, either in food quality or customer service.

However, the car transport service is a very consistent and objective experience. The process never changes — and if it’s excellent, high-quality service, it shouldn’t change!

At Guardian Auto Transport, we have nothing less than rave reviews, across visible platforms like Yelp, Google, and the Better Business Bureau. How's that for consistency and objective?

$0Booking Down Payment

Fair and Transparent Payment Terms
Any auto transport company that asks you for the full payment at the time booking should raise some alerts for you. For the team at Guardian Auto Transport, fair and transparent payment terms are just one of the ways we build trust right away.

We want to make sure that you know you're booking with a shipper that cares about people and their possessions. That’s why we offer customers the opportunity to book with $0 down. We have a stake in your success! Only when we find the right carrier for your order will we secure a deposit to hold your spot on the trailer.

27,000Strong, Dedicated
Carrier Network

Extensive Driver and Carrier Compliance Checks
Car transport is fraught with stories about negligent drivers and shady, obscure companies. These businesses are happy to cut corners because they're not accountable to you until they arrive. Once your car leaves your home, the process is out of your hands. That's why it can feel so overwhelming to find the right car transport service, let alone trust car shippers.

Our reviews speak for themselves, but that's because of our promise to you (and ourselves!) is simple: Quality and customer service come first. Every single carrier we work with must go through our stringent vetting and compliance check process. If there are any issues of negligence, we simply cannot and do not see the carrier as the right fit for the Guardian Auto Transport promise.

How Guardian's Auto
Car Shipping Process Works

Guardian’s car shipping process is simple but comprehensive. At every turn, your most valuable assets will remain secure on the road. You can count on our trusted team to communicate with you at every step of that journey. The Guardian car shipping process provides you with updates throughout the vehicle shipment, as your vehicles move toward your desired destination.

To get started on your car shipping journey, here’s what you’ll need:


Get a detailed quote
Call any of our dedicated agents or get an instant car shipping quote online. Our friendly shipping agents will be available to respond to any pressing questions, concerns, and even accommodate special requests. Once you create your order, a personal shipping agent will work with you to assign one of our vetted and insured carriers to your vehicle.


Set a scheduled pick-up time
Guardian Auto Transport schedules your driver for a pick-up at an accessible location. As your vehicle heads toward your destination, you’ll have the chance to communicate directly with your driver and receive timely updates from our team.


Go through your vehicle’s inspection
Our 22-point inspection is designed to cover the most vulnerable parts of your vehicle, and it gives you much-needed peace of mind. Records of your car’s current condition, before you ship your car, appear on your Bill of Landing, and your driver will use this as a benchmark to check against when your car arrives.


Wait on your vehicle’s delivery
We’re not out of contact or elusive during the delivery process. In fact, we’re more involved than ever before. Waiting for your car transport to arrive can be a nerve-wracking experience, so we’ll call and text you with updated information on travel progress. That said, feel free to reach out at any time. We are always ready and eager to help!


Do one last, follow-up inspection upon arrival
Upon delivery, your driver will do one final 22-point inspection. This covers your car for any possible changes during travel. When you can ensure your car is in its original condition, simply sign the inspection sheet and settle your remaining balance.

Industry Leaders Trust Guardian

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Guardian Delivers
Best-In-Class Vehicle Transport

With over 68,000 vehicles successfully shipped and a 99.4% satisfaction rating from our clients and customers, Guardian Auto Transport is fast becoming the top choice for car shippers across the United States. Our advantage is not just logistical or functional, it’s personal.

We do what other car shippers simply won’t take the time to do: We care about our customers’ needs and concerns and our choices reflect this priority. From using the latest technology to including multiple points of proactive customer service, we save customers time and money while keeping our standards for impeccable delivery consistently high.

Ready to experience the Guardian Auto Transport advantage for yourself? Reach out and speak to a live agent on our team. We can help make the whole ordeal of car shipping a positive and even enjoyable process! You focus on the anticipation of receiving your vehicle, we’ll focus on the execution.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Find a Good Auto Transport Company?

There are dozens of car transport companies out there, but how do you know which ones are legitimate and have excellent service? The next time you’re searching for the best car shipping company, be sure to do a little research and ask yourself: 

  • Does the auto transport company make itself available to its customers? A good auto transport company should be available to its customers. They should have agents that are available and extremely responsive to help answer questions and solve any potential concerns. 
  • What do the reviews say? While opinions on what’s “good” tend to be subjective, most people can agree that excellent customer service is recognizable from afar. That’s why reviews and testimonials are so critical—so take some time to read through the company’s reviews where you can assess what the car shipping company does right.
  • What’s included in the transport package? Some car transport companies have tons of hidden fees under their base price, like additional insurance requirements or transportation fees. A good car transport company will be upfront about what’s included in their auto transportation package, including insurance, transportation, and potential extra costs.

Searching for the right online car shipping service can be a challenge, which is why Guardian Auto Transport works hard to be one of the best car shipping companies out there. Guardian excels at providing the best customer service with responsive and readily available agents and upfront, no-hidden-fees transport package options. 

What’s Involved in the Car Shipping Process?

If you need to ship a car, then all you have to do is start by finding out the cost to ship by getting an instant quote. Once you get your car shipping quote, you will: 

  1. Confirm Your Car Shipment. Confirm with one of Guardian’s agents about the date, time, locations, and type of car.
  2. Guardian Loads Your Car. Wait until the pickup date, which is when your Guardian driver will inspect your car and load it up for transportation.
  3. Your Car Is Delivered! This is the easy part: All you have to do is sit back and wait. Before your car is delivered, your driver will keep in contact with you so that you know exactly when to expect it. 

It’s true: Working with Guardian Auto Transport is that easy.

Do I Need Additional Insurance to Transport My Cars?

While other car transport companies may require additional insurance, Guardian doesn’t. Guardian’s car shipping process includes full coverage.

How Long Does It Take To Transport a Car?

As you might expect, how long it takes to transport your car depends on where you’re going. After all, it will take a longer time when shipping a car going from Los Angeles to New York City than if you just need it transported across the state. A good rule of thumb is that Guardian’s drivers travel about 400 miles per day for over-the-road travel, including pickup and drop-off downtime.

Can you guarantee pickup or delivery dates?

Yes, please let one of our shipping agents know that you are looking for either a guaranteed pickup or delivery date and we will adjust your price accordingly.

How long will it take to transport my car?

Drivers typically allocate about 400 miles per day for over-the-road travel. This may seem a bit low, but we also factor in pickup and delivery downtime time into that estimate.

How do I know the time and date of my pickup?

After we assign (dispatch) a driver to your order, you will receive a dispatch notification email that will include scheduling details and your driver’s phone number and information. Your shipping agent will also contact you to confirm the details of your auto shipment once a driver has been assigned.

How do I prepare my vehicle for transport?

Please make sure that the exterior of your vehicle is clean for the truck driver to properly inspect the vehicle for pre-existing damages and discrepancies. Empty out all personal items and make sure that there are no loose parts on the exterior and interior of the vehicle. Please leave some gas inside the tank, preferably 1/4 th of a tank.

BBB Accredited and LOVED by Customers

Fri, 22 Sep 2023 19:54:34 GMT

I was very impressed on how efficient and professional Guardian is. They shipped 4 cars for us with different pick up days and locations. Each car was picked up on the times we planned and delivered quickly. Excellent customer service as well. Will continue to use them in the future!

Fri, 22 Sep 2023 16:24:07 GMT

I recommend using Guardian ! They are trustworthy and reliable. Good experience!

Thu, 21 Sep 2023 19:00:18 GMT

I was referred to the by the dealership I bought my car from. Guardian set up the transport of my car in an enclosed trailer. Car arrived in perfect condition. Highly recommended them if you're shipping a high end vehicle knowing they will take absolute care!

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